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The Akron school district was organized in 1872. The old building had one room. Eighty pupils were enrolled under one teacher at that time. After the erection of the present building in 1888 there were two teachers with a combined enrollment of sixty-five. One teacher in employed at this time.

The building was remodeled in 1928 and March 27 of that year the school was approved as standard by Miss Elizabeth Warning, Rural School Supervisor.

Akron school now has an enrollment of eighteen and has been taught for the last three years by R. A. Reynolds. The school board members are: Mrs. W. Y. Pickering, Mrs. Perry Moore, and S. H. Ireland.            April 1933

Clinter Keller and Nedra Starkey were first teachers in new building


     Probably not many people know that on the same ground where the "Old Akron school" stood there was first a one room frame building, built in 1879 where some fifty students attended. The school was first called "Little Dutch" but was later changed to "Akron" when the Santa Fe railroad station was established. Couldn't find any information on how long this small building was used. but some time later what we now know as "The Old Akron School" was built. It had two class rooms downstairs, but I only know of one being used. There was a large room up stairs with a stage. This was used many years for programs of all kinds, 4 H meetings, wedding and baby showers, birthday parties etc. Literary was one of the programs held once each month. A committee was chosen whose duty it was to plan a program for that month. Singers, dancers Musicians, all local talent was in demand and enjoyed. The next month a new committee planed a new program.

     Helen P. Boggs was the teacher in 1940 and I think '42. The building was heated with a wood stove. Early each morning she would put a kettle of beans on the stove and they would be just right to eat at. noon. That may have been the first hot lunch program in Cowley County.

     I'm not sure what year we began to hear about consolidation, probably 1944 or 45 but eventuality there was plans for a new building where the old Akron building stood.  When finished it would be the new consolidated school for Valley Center, Akron, and Mt. Caramel.  While it was being built, the Akron students attended the other two schools, Valley Center and Mt. Caramel.  The new build was made of brick. There was two class rooms, two bath rooms a modern kitchen, a large gymnasium with a stage. This building was the pride of the district.

     I don't remember what year instrumental music was offered in Akron School.  The instruments were owned by some one, Hazel Wamsley worked for.  She traveled to different schools and taught the instruments. Later Hazel taught the upper room.

     With this modern kitchen, they had a very good hot lunch program. I may not have all the names of the different cooks. Vera Heffner, Ruth Finley, Elaine Curfman were a few of them.


School Board members for some of those years

1948-49 Wayne Krepps, Tony Groene, Dana Scott
1950-51 Wayne Krepps, Tony Groene, DeWitt Ahlerich
1951-53 Don Curfman, Dick Hughes, Dewitt Ahlerich
1953-54 Don Curfman, Dick Hughes, Robert Ireton

Teachers in those years

1948-49 Nedra Starkey, Clinter Keller
1950-51 Esta Lee Howe, Nadine Brotemarkle
1951-52 Esta Lee Howe Brunton (1/2 year) Virginia Watt (1/2 year)Hazel Wamsley
1952-53 Virginia Watt, Hazel Wamsley
1953-54 Ruby Crank, Estella Peterson

Edith Krepps

Ruth Finley cook and Virginia Watt Teachers and Hazel Wamsley Music Teacher
Hazel Wamsley Music Teacher and Virginia Watt Teachers
Ruth Finley and Wayne Krepps
Ruth Finley cook