Atlanta 147


In 1885, a subscription school was opened over a drug store in Atlanta with Miss May Kinley as teacher. The next year Miss Anna Primrose taught a subscription school in the Methodist Church on the present vacant lot north of the Ed Duncan home.

A school district was organized in 1887 and the building was located on the present site. Miss Stanberry and an assisting student taught the first public school in Atlanta. In 1901 a two-story frame building was built. This served for both the grades and the high school until a rural high school was built. The grade school occupied the building until 1929 when the present building was completed.

For the past two years the following teachers have been employed: Alice Shockey, Grades 5-6; Manila DeFore, Grades 3-4; and Mrs. Hazel Elfman, Grades 1-2. The present members of the school board are: Mrs. Anna Jones, Roy Houser, and H. M. Critchlow.

April 1933

Atlanta All School 1921
Mary Crow is the 39 years old teacher.  It says its the QUEEN ESTER CLASS
Front row: Iris Haworth, Aurice Jones, Leah Sturm. Iris Landis, Blanch Fabian, Thelma Groom, 
Mildred Crowley, Wanda Kelley, Ehel Brock, Avis Ketterman, Eva Smalley, Ruth Townshley.
Back Row: Eva Barnes, Emma Ewalt, Gladys Townsley, Hazel Duncan, Velva Jones,
Gladys Ketterman, Fern Leody, Frances Weawer.

In window: Lee Gray and Ada Kelley.   taken in the spring of 1915/1917.

Wanda Kelley is holding a roll of awards for this group of women.

Names were written on back of picture.