Baltimore  18
This is the Baltimore School House that was located 1/2 mile north of the Winfield S. Crowley home near Atlanta.
Herscel Crowley, Mildred (Crowley) Davis, Buford Crowley, and Velma (Crowley) Parish went to school there.
Mildred (Crowley) Davis taught school at the Baltimore School for 2 years.
1928-1929 Frances Herndon Ivan Eddie Majorie Gatton Baltimore School, Mildred (Crowley) Davis was their teacher.
1928 Cecil Herndon, Ivan Eddie, Baltimore School Mildred (Crowley) Davis was their teacher.
Baltimore School; Elaine McEwen, Unknown, Lucille McEwen
Baltimore School North of W. S. Crowley's; Deloris Jenkins, Mildred (Crowley) Davis.
1928-1929 Baltimore School; Velma (Crowley) Parish and Margaret Herndon.