Bland 69

Bland School, District 69

Bland school district was organized and a schoolhouse built during the year 1872.  Bland and Mercer schoolhouses were built the same year, and were the first in that part of the county.  Theaker was second and was built in 1874. 

Bland was named for Mr. A. P. Bland who lived on what is now known as the Griffith Farm. 

The first teacher of the school was a Miss Landis, who came to Kansas from Iowa to visit and remained long enough to teach one term for a salary of $25 per month.

In 1894 the present school building was erected.  The money used was raised beforehand by a large levy: 15 mills in 1892 and 1893 and 12 mills in 1894.  By this arrangement cash was on hand to meet the bills when the building was completed. 

Elizabeth Warning, the State Rural School Supervisor, made the school Standard in 1929.  Alice Kirkpatrick was the teacher at that time. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ramsey have the distinction of having attended the school as pupils, sent all their children to Bland and their grandchildren attending Bland school. 

The teacher in 1933 was Lois Snyder and the enrollment was sixteen.  The school board members were:  Earl Bennett, Austin A. Ramsey, and W. M. Schmitt.