Burden  78


The first Burden public school building was a small frame structure located one and one-half miles northeast of Burden. This building was later moved to the present school location. Fifty years ago the first part of the old stone building was constructed. This building consisted of four rooms and was added to as the size of the school increased. The present building was remodeled in 1925 and is made up-to-date in every respect.

The first school terms were taught by one teacher with a large enrollment of about sixty. Today the grades and high school combined have a faculty of ten teachers and an enrollment of 220.

Lowell A. Small has been superintendant of schools for the past two years. The other members of the high school faculty are: E. L. Andrick, Mrs. Cecilie Peck, Frankie Bouge, and Carol G. Shelley. Earl Dyer has been principal of the grades for the past thirteen years and holds the record for having been employed in one district longer than any other teacher in the county. Lola Cashman, Jemima Eaton, and Frances Snyder are also employed in the school. Mrs. George Brooks has also been employed as music supervisor for the past eight years.


Raiders High School

Raiders Grade School