Cambridge  15

On April 9, 1917, the people of Windsor Township voted to organize a Rural High School which was was to be situated at Cambridge. On June 17, the first school board meeting was held and work was started on the building. Although it was not quite completed the building was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day 1917.

The first team of school started in September 1918 with one teacher, Mrs. Snow and five pupils. The first class was graduated in 1921, and consisted of one pupil, Mrs. Lila Gailen-Pittman. In 1923 a junior high school was organized with the high school. The enrollment the first year was fifteen. Mr. Roy Darlington was the first Junior High School Teacher.

Starting with one teacher, Cambridge High School has gradually increased until now there are six members to the faculty.
The present faculty consists of O. N. Maddux, Principal; G. O. Waston, Industrial Arts and Coaching; Gladys Robertson,
English; Madge Hildreth, Home Economics; Helen Breising, Music; and Gladys Kuykendall, Junior High School Principal.
The present school board consists of Noah Beamer, E. O. Dwyer, and Walter Hillier.


School district No. 15 was moved in 1881 from a small town named Lazette which was north of Cambridge. Bonds had been voted in the summer of 1880 to erect a stone schoolhouse in Cambridge. The building was completed in the summer of 1881 and the first school term in the building was commenced in October 1881.

In 1917 this building was torn down and a grade and high school building was erected in its place. In 1927 school district 15 sold their interest in the building to the high school district and erected a two-room grade school building on the opposite side of the street. It now has the first six grades, two teachers and an enrollment of fifty-six pupils.

Edris Davis is the teacher of grades 4-6 and Gladys Jamison is the teacher for grades 1-3. The school board members are:
J. J. Benjamin, W. M. Harian, and J. N. Craft.