Dexter  5

The present school building, which is a fire-proof building, was erected in 1915. It houses both the grades and the high school. The building is steam heated and lighted by electricity. The school grounds are being landscaped
at this time.

The grade school was made standard in February 1921 and superior in march 1930. The high school in ranked as  a class B school. The total enrollment for high school is sixty-four and one hundred for the grades. The faculty consists of five high school teachers and four grade teachers. The superintendant, R. B. Flaherty, has held the
position for six consecutive years. The high school faculty consists of: Carl Perkins, Marjorie Smith, Gladys Biggs, Hattie Fry, Mabel Constant, and Pauline Snyder have been employed in the grade school for the past four years.

The board of education is composed of C. E. Snyder, W. R. Coffey, and Mrs. Myrtle Ward.


1914 Football Team
1924 Miss Dungen Teacher
Names on Black Board.
Theora Sowers 1, Vernon Shafer 1, Avis Hawkins 2, Junior Hoyt 2, Gilbert Taylor 3,
Evelyn Martin 6, Doris Kirkpatrick 3, Florene Barnaby 1, Elvin Allen 6,
George ?G 4, Joe Scull 5,  Nina Manahan 5, Hubert Myers 7.