Easterly 75

 1880 - 90  

Ella Fredrick Teacher,  Harry Humbert,  Dorson Warburton, Thelma Rupp,  Cora Nelson,  Paul Humbert.

Nelson Bradbury, Noble Bradbury, Geneva Warburton Stella Snook.

Robert Oldham,  Paul Cadwell, & Pal,  Verna Humbert, Fernando Cook,  Orval Snook.

Easterly school house (held a gathering every spring);
Ray in back, Earl, Evert Kerr, Deanie Bradbury.
Easterly Reunion
Easterly Reunion
Paul Cadwell, Vernon Clark, Orval Snook, Verna (Humbert) Brewer,
Maudine Evans Banks (teacher), Benny Humbert, Luciel Case, Marlyn Case
Maxine (Maxwell) Glass, Marjorie (Cadwell) Morrell, Harold Cadwell,
Richard Wright, Melvin Cadwell, Lois (Oldham) Randall, Warren Cadwell, Norma Case.
Marjorie Cadwell,  Warren Cadwell, Mardine Evans (teacher)
Mardine stayed with the Cadwells while she taught at Easterly.