Eaton  47

Eaton was made Standard in April 1928 by Miss Elizabeth Warning, the State Rural School Supervisor. Twenty-four pupils are enrolled at the present time and the teacher is Naomi Catlin. The members of the school board are: R. S. Wilson, J. A. Head, and Wm. Fox.


In front of the coal bin  1943-44

Francis Fox, Paul Parsons,

Jay Wood, Gladys Fox, Darlene Barkman, Mary Wood, Mary Parsons, Victor Walker, Martha Bolack

Kenneth Coon, Rex Bolack, Don Coon, Ronald Warden, Dorothy Fox, Juanita Coon


Eaton School students pose with their teacher. Students and teacher are, first row, from left, Floyd Barkman, Gary Cranston, Robert Wilson, Sharon (Wood) Anglemyer and Richard Bolack; second row; Mrs. Alma Parker (teacher), Martha (Wilson) Kelley, Barbara (Barkman) Miller Watters, Sheilah (Bolack) Liebherr and lliene (Fox) Scheffe.   1952-53  (Special to the Courier)

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