Jean,Moore, Clair Flint, Leona Lewis, Rudolph ?, Orville Woltz, ??, ??
Front of Eastman Garage, Store, and City Hall building
Verna Woltz, Jean Moore
Verna Woltz Clair Flint, Jean Moore Jean Moore, Verna Woltz
Verna Woltz, Jean Moore Walter Eastman, Mary Damiano
? Eastman, Leroy Lewis
Delpha Woltz, Mary Stuber, Leroy Lewis
In front of Bank and City Hall Wilmot- Herman ?, Earl Flint
Leroy Lewis, Marie Stuber
Marie Eastman, Harold Lee Dincan
Walter Eastman, Harley Woltz
Vern Kelly, Earl Flint
Marie Eastman Jean Moore Walter Eastman
Harold Lee Dincan, Harvey Kelly, Arthur Eastman
Verda Woltz, Leona Lewis Walter Eastman, Vada Holt
Marie Eastman Jean Moore, Orville Woltz
                                                                                                                  Hardware Store in Background
Marie Eastman
Harley Woltz, Leona Lewis Mary Stuber, Verda Woltz
Marie Eastman, Leroy Lewis, Verna Woltz, Harvey Kelly, ??
Jean Moore , Marie Eastman (Wilmont Depot and Garage in Background)
Jean Moore, Verna Woltz
??, ??
Pinic Jean Moore, Marie Eastman, Verda Woltz
Leona Lewis, Verda Woltz
Leona Lewis, Verna Woltz, Jean Moore Leona Lewis, Marie Eastman
Walter Eastman, Clair Flint  
??, ??, ??, ??
Walter Eastman, Leona Lewis, Verda Woltz, Clair Flint Harvey Kelly in front of Wilmont State Bank
Leona Lewis, Delpha Woltz Marie Eastman, Jean Moore, Alice Deichman
Emory Lewis, Mary Stuber