Eastman House in Wilmont 1920
Erma, John & Dorothy in Back
Cecil, Leo & Ruby in Front
Laundry at St. Mary's Hosptial
Gypsum Caves Near Coy Okla.
Maggie Eastman and cow herd 1916 or 1917

Gypsum Caves Near Coy Okla.

Marie Eastman

Noble Friend, Mabel Elder, Chester Friend Eunice & Calla Squire

Gladys & Cecil Friend
Roy Fell, Walter & Arthur Eastman
On Timber creek on the Eastman farm
Eastman's Cow Herd 1916 or 1917
Leo, Erma, Dorothy, Marie, John, Walter (Roy Fell) Arthur Eastman & Beck around 1915
Charley Friend's Family and Others Near Coy Okla.
Clair Flint, Walter Eastman
Marie's Horse 1919
? Teter, Clarence Teter 1920
Hen & Chickens Leona Lewis, Walter Eastman in Back
Jean Moore, Mary Lewis Arthur & Walter Eastman
Alice Deichman Margaret ?