Walter Tunison, Clark Tunison, Lillian (Foust) Tunison, Ethlean or Ethelen,
Andrew Jackson Foust


Clark and Lillian Tunison



Lillian (Foust) Tunison




Lillian (Foust) Tunison in Dexter Ks.




Built in late 1890 near Hooser Ks. by A. J. Foust 


New barn 5 miles East of Dexter with hay lift
Buck and Bernadine with doll in Hay loft




Don,  Roy,  Vernon, Jack,  Leota, Cecil and Bill Shafer


Lillian,     Willard,   Bernadine,        Clark Tunison


Bernadine and Don Shafer,  Wed Jan 19, 1944



Effie and Jim  Forsman, Dexter Grocery Store owner  from about 1890 to 1930



David King Tunison


Unknown,  Robert (Mike) Shafer


Clark Tunison and Nettie Tunison






Nettie Tunison,  Edna Dale and Ruby Tunison



Clark Tunison


Pete Newton, Clark Tunison, Ted Nellis, Bill Newton

County road East of Dexter



Highland School



A. J. Foust