Cowley County Cemeteries

South Prairie
Griffith (Early Tisdale)
Thompson - Rockwell
North Cedar Creek
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There are 57 known cemeteries and smaller burial sites in Cowley County, Kansas. The size of cemeteries vary from a family grave plot on a farm to over 40 acres. Many graves are marked with stones, some marked with homemade stones bearing only a name or initials, some are marked by a fieldstone, others marked by a peony bush, iris, etc., and graves not marked at all. As the years have taken their toll, and in some instances the stone has fallen from the base, hauled away and only the base of the stone flush with the ground is left indicating there is a grave there.

Following the cemetery inscription pages of each cemetery, we are including additional information extracted from other sources pertaining to some of the burials in the cemetery. In some early newspapers, early records, etc., we have found names of people to be buried in a designated cemetery. Since there is no stone today, and in some instances the cemetery records burned in a house fire or no record of burials kept at all, we are adding this information to the cemetery, as we only have this source to rely upon for some of the burials. vie cannot be sure this information to be correct, since we have read in the early day newspapers, etc., the family lived in acommunity and the burial might have been made in a cemetery a few miles away which was in another community of that time period and being in another township.

Our society is indebted to others who have helped compile additional information with in this volume. There are two whose time and effort deserve special mention. They are Mrs. Ruby Musson and volunteer friend, Mrs. Lloyd (Freida) Enderud. To those two we express a special thanks.

We acknowledge the additional help of the following society members and extend our appreciation: Mrs. Leonard (Nova) Simmons, Mrs. Albert (Clara) Utt, Mrs. Eugene (Cheryl) Voigtlander and Mrs. Vern M. (Jerry) Caso.

Our society is pleased to be a part herein to help preserve a special part of Cowley County history. At the same time, we regret any errors and omissions. we invite you to send corrections or any additional information to the Cowley County Genealogical Society, Box 102, Arkansas City, Ks 67005.

1981 - 1984
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