Excelslor  9
The school board at around the time of the pictures (1929) consisted of:
Edith Sherrard, Glen Beery & Stanley Shockey.
The music supervisor was Miss Gannon.


There is no record of the organization of Excelsior School but it is known that in 1880 there was an enrollment of twenty-five pupils. Salina Bliss was teacher at that time. In about three years the enrollment had increased to sixty-five. The enrollment is now nine which is the smallest enrollment in the history of the school.

The first school house burned in the summer of 1922 and the present building was then erected.

Excelsior has taken a prominent part in the Cowley County Fair. Several pennants and three loving cups have been won.

The present school board members are: Miss Edith Sherrard, Thornton Dillman, and T. F. Maitland. The school was made
standard January 17, 1927. Miss Floral Holroyd was Rural Scholl Supervisor at that time.

Excelsior has had a Citizenship Club for the past three years, and Picture Study for the past two years. Anna-Belle
Douthitt has been employed as teacher for the past two years.

April 1933

Mrs. Nadine Anglemyer, Darlene Beery, Cleo Oldham, Wanda Overbey, Vincent Turpin, Leona Dillman,
Ronald Beery, May Sumner, Raymond Dillman
Yancie Oldham Jr., Vera Oldham, Harlan Oldham, Mary Dillman, John Sumner, Gertrude Turpin,
Jack Eddington, Neal Oldham, Dorothy Eddington.
Mrs. Nadine Anglemyer - Teacher.