Guthrie 96



Guthrie has been a standard school since October, 1916. It was made into a two-room school in 1931. Since that time the largest enrollment has been fifty-eight and the smallest thirty-eight.

The school has always entered the county fair. This year they won third place in the exhibits. They have always taken an active part in the county basketball and athletic contests. They have taken part in the Arkalalah at Arkansas City and their float has placed first for two years. Each room has a Citizenship Club. The children enjoy this work very much. The P. T. A. was organized three years ago and has been very beneficial to the school.

Vada Broderson in teaching her fifth year in the district and Elizabeth Bricker her second year. The school board members are: W. J. McCormick, Sam O. Newman, and E. F. Arnett.

April 1933