Harmony 97

This picture was taken November 11, 1945.  My mother worked very hard for several nights working on it. It was Harmony school's float in the Armistice Day parade. The banner at the top states: No Strike On Farms. We Work in Harmony. Seated from left: Janice Eastman, Louise Eastman, Arlan Anglemyer, Burl Anglemyer, Kay Workman, Curtis Miller, Marlene Miller, Eugene Eastman and Norman Lowe. Standing from left: Lawrence Anglemyer (Uncle Sam), Elaine Moon (Statue of Liberty), Barbara Lowe, Royce Moon, Garland Rice, Delbert Peters (back), Richard Shaver, La Ree Rice and Mrs. Peterson (teacher).


I didn’t understand the No Strike on Farms. We Work in Harmony part at the time. That was before I knew about labor unions. I suppose my mother explained it to me. That picture means a lot to me. At least 7 pictured have passed away. They are Royce Moon, Richard Shaver, Kay Workman, Curtis Miller, Marlene Miller, Eugene Eastman & Norman Lowe. I suspect the teacher is no longer living either.


The story I remember about this event really made an impression on me. No one else I have talked to seems to remember it. The truck was parked on the street just on the west side of Memorial Park in Winfield. (You can see the monument to veterans of several wars in the background). There was another truck parked in front of this one. I remember a lady got into this truck, started it, put it into gear thinking she was in reverse. You know, on cars reverse was to the left & up. I think that is what she did but got it into compound low. There was a lady (I think Ethel Miller, Curtis’ mother) standing between the trucks. When the lady let out the clutch the truck lunged forward pinning Ethel between the trucks. The driver of the truck panicked and screamed. A man who I think was Harold Moon (Elaine and Royce’s father) told her to just shut the engine off and get out. She did and he got in and calmly backed the truck away from Ethel. Ethel wasn't hurt-just scared.