Mount Zion 50


ELEVEN PUPILS HAVE attended Mt. Zion school this year. The teacher is Mrs. John Thomson who has taught there 8 years. She will teach next year in Dist. 18. Back in 1875 there were 21 boys and 28 girls attending the School.  Pictured, back row from left - Mrs. Thomson, Sue Ehmke, Christina Clarke, Marcia Deal, and Norman Jenkins; front row – Stephen Rosecrans, Merle Deal, Randall Westfall, Diane Waller, Junice Jenkins, Kim Ehmke, and Mark O’Neil.


Mt. Zion School students on the last day of school in 1944. Pictured are, front row, from left, Howard Knowles, Janus (Ramsey) Reinhardt, unknown, Diana (Basque) Hoover, Buddy Knowles; back row, Virginia Andes, Wanda (Bursack) Harris, Lola Mae (Knowles) Langley, Ermal Alexander, unknown, Robert Longley, Rose Marie (Knowles) Kennedy.