Prairie Home 39

Prairie Home School teacher and students are, from left, Gary Miller, Janet (Jordan) Kindt, teacher Pauline Miller, Nancy (Miller) Horst, Janyth (Lowe) Kunneman and Patty (Miller) Born.   Maiden names are in parentheses.

 (Special to the Courier)    5 students 5 grades

Gary Miller 4th,  Eugene Rising 5th,  Jacqueline Lowe 6th, Lester Jordan 8th,  Pauline Miller Teacher.
Janyth Lowe 3rd, Beverly Rising 3rd, Billy Branson 5th, Norma Rising 1st Janet Jordan 2nd.
Eugene Rising, Lester Jordan, Jacquelyn Loew Russell, Pauline Miller Teacher
Gary Miller, Janet Jordan Kindt, Beverly Rising Bair, Janyth Lowe Kunneman, Norma Rising.
Feb 13 1948
Gary Miller Grade 4, Jacquelyn Rowe Grade 6, Lester Jorden Grade 8, Eugene Rising Grade 5,
Billy Branson Grade 5, Norman Rising Grade 1, Janet Jorden Grade 2, Beverly Rising Grade 3,
Janyth Lowe Grade 3, Wavial Paul Grade 1, 1948