Prairie View 128

Glenice Henderson and Pauline Kennedy
Norma O'Neil, Phyllis Bowman and Helen Parsons.
Effie Phillips teacher, Otis Kennedy, Pauline Kennedy, Stephen Kennedy,

Glenice Henerdson, Johnnie Doolittle, Raymond Holt, Maxine Holt

Ralph Holt, Norma O'Neil, Paul Kennedy, Frankie Doolittlet, Phyllis Bowman,

 Helen Paresons, Leonard Holt and Lawrence Holt.

Effie taught for several years in the one-room school house.


Prairie View School Days
Earl Kennedy, Amos Kennedy, (hats on) Marivin Hendeerson, 
Otis Kennedy, Unknown, Unknown, Effie Phillips, teacher,
Glenice Henderson, Peggy Willis, Ielieen Phillips.
Baseball team playing ball.
Frankie Doolittle, Lawrence Lane, Johnnie Doolittle, Amos Kennedy
Donald Doolittle, Calvin Holt, Marvin Hebnderson, Irene Parsons,
Peggy Willis, Ielieen Phillips.
Note the old cars of those days of Mobel A. of the 1930's
Taken with Pauline's box camera at school day event last day of school.
Ball game is over at school "Last day of school activities"
Note the building long with lots of windows, setting along the south side.
The building is facing on the west side.

     Phyllis Bowman, Stephen Kennedy, Johnnie Doolittle, Teacher Effie Phillips,

Pauline Kennedy, Raymond Holt, Otis Kennedy        

John Bowman, Helen Parsons, Frankie Doolittle, Lawrence Holt, Leonard Holt, 
1934 - 35