Rainbow Bend 61



The first school was held in 1875-1876 in a squatter's log cabin owned by Mr. True and located one mile south and one-fourth mile east of the present school. Holes were bored in the logs and stakes were driven through and planks were fastened on to these to use as seats. there were no desks. This first school was taught by Lamie Morris.

After two terms of six months' school in the log cabin a frame building was erected on the John Glaslow farm one-half mile south of the present location. Annie Drose taught about sixty-five pupils in this one-room building.

Water was carried a quarter of a mile. The pupils did not sit in separate classes. The girls all sat on one side of the and the boys on the other side. This building was used for a number of years and then sold to be used as a corn bin. Later a larger building was erected on the present location and was used until the oil field came in 1923. It was replaced by a modern two-room brick building in 1925.

The school has won sixteen cups and six pennants. Six of these cups have been won for track, seven in basketball, two in baseball, and one for selling W. C. T. U. Tags. The school board members are: D. D. Jennings, W. S. Mock, and Joe Fisher. The teachers are Ruth and Royene Levick and the enrollment is 62. Supervisors are: Mrs. E. Perkins, art: Mrs. Arthur Huston, Music; and Mrs. L. C. Stover, Religious Education.

April 1933