Rose Valley 40

Rose Valley  1937
Last Day School 1937
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Work Up Ball Game

Great sadness prevailed at Rose Valley Dist # 40

My first grade in Dist # 40, began in 1934. I loved school, most of all recess, and lunch hour. A used broom handle, and dried hedge apples made up our equipment list. We had great ball games and enjoyed what we had.

Good times arrived three years later and the parents put on a fund raiser which netted $3.80. This sum and the Montgomery Ward produced a new bat, ball, and basketball. Funds were inadequate to supply basketball goals, but we drew a circle in the dust at each end of the "court", and to toss the ball to a teammate in the circle was a score. Our joy was boundless until Harold Rowe fired a pass to Bob Briscoe standing in the outhouse doorway. Bob fumbled the pass and the ball bounced off the wall, ceiling, floor, and sadly dropped thru a hole.          

Bob Briscoe

Bob Johnson, Mary Jane Athearn, Barbara Briscoe, Arthur Yadon.  1937
Bob Johnson, Mary Athearn, Bus Nichols, Arthur Yadon, Barbara Briscoe, Bud Johnson  1937
Louise Andes, Marjorie Nichols, Vivian Blakey, Evelyn and Bobby Briscoe
Guy Athearn, Junior DeVore, Patricia Briscoe, Stanley Bell, Charlyne Rowe. Jimmy Blakey.