Sand Creek 137



During the early making of Central Kansas, near the year of 1886, there was built a little frame school house which was named after a creek nearby, known as Sand Creek. The little frame school house, although being struck by lightning and hit by several storms, stood until 1926 when it was replaced by the present two-room brick building.

The largest enrollment of 93 was during the Churchill oil boom. The present enrollment is about fifty. The school received its Superior rating in May, 1931, and retains that rating at this time. The school is known for its beauty and landscaped grounds. Sand Creek has always taken an active part in the county contests and has won several trophies.

For the past two years the school has been taught by Richard and Ermyl Brooks. The present school board members are: Ed. H. Buss, Chas. Lipperd, and G. B. Trautwein.

April 1933