South Vernon 48



 South Vernon was made standard, October 1, 1916. Miss Lulu Davis was the teacher at the time. District 48 has won a number of cups and trophies in basketball and track and has always taken part in the various activities of the county. They have employed the county music supervisor for several years.

The present enrollment is 14. W. G. Lee, the teacher, has the distinction of having remained longer in one position than any other teacher now employed in the rural schools and until this year was the highest paid rural teacher in the county. This is his eleventh year of teaching at District 48. The teacher and the school board are to be commended for this splendid record. The members of the school board are: F. E. McQuiston, Lark Parsons, and C. B. Ramage.

April 1933

  Class of 1966
  Class of 1969
  1921 Lydia Bernstorf,  Teacher