Theaker 36



District number 36 is composed at seven sections of land and the school house is located five miles west of Arkansas City. The school district was organized in 1872. Mrs. Elizabeth Theaker taught the first school in her home. The first school house was built in 1874. Mrs. Theaker taught the first term in the new building and the district was named Theaker in her honor.

When the house was completed it was found that there were no funds with which to buy a bell. A part of the money was raised by subscription, and a dance was given in the school-house to raise the remainder. The bell was purchased and kept ringing all the way from Arkansas City. After it was placed, a man in the district said, "Curfew shall ring tonight," and made good his word by ringing the bell all night. In looking over the old records it was found that the rules and regulations for the teachers and pupils were made by the board and written in the registers.

In 1910 the old school house was sold and a new one erected. Theaker was one of the first schools in the county to be made Standard, and this occurred on October 4, 1916. Of the forty-four teachers who have wielded the rod over Theaker school, Miss Effie Burnett has the honor of holding the position for nineteen years. The present enrollment is nine. Miss Edra Elam is the present teacher and the members of the school board are: Chas. M. Baird, F. B. HcMillen. and J. O. Gibson.

April 1933