Willow Branch 88

Willow Branch School 1929 Hazel Bell Teacher
Richard Shaw, Harley  Parsons, Lawrence Shaw, Pearl James, Murl James, Dale Minear, Patsy Shaw
Harold James, Marion James, Raymond Parsons, Martha Faye Booher, Helen Booher, Laurette Tredway
Ora Kingsbury Teacher    1934-35
Lincoln Branson,   Dale Minear,  Harley Parsons, Gleason Parsons, Alberta Shaw,  Russell Parsons
Pearl James,  Murl James,  ?? ?? ,  Floyd Barkman, Lois Parsons,  Juanita Sutton

Harold James,  Marian James,  Dale Minear,  Raymond Parsons, 

Harley Parsons,  Richard Shaw,  Lawrence Shaw.

Harley and Gleason Parsons  1929
Hazel Bell Teacher  1929
Ora Parsons
Gleason Parsons in car, Harley Parsons to right of Gleason then Alberta Shaw