Wright Canyon 59



Wright Canyon was placed on the Accepted list of schools by the State Department in April, 1931.

Mrs. D. Swackhamer-Joy is teaching her third year in the district. The present enrollment is 22. The members of the school board are: Mrs. E. C. Waltz, John D. Waggoner, and Clarence Whitehill.


Written by Frank Chapin, age 88, a former teacher of Wright Canyon

In writing history of almost 60 years ago, we are laying ourselves liable to criticism for possible mistakes, for memory is a fickle jade, and hence we request you to temper your criticisms to the minimum.

The early settlers came here with an idealism toward the better things of life; an idealism in which a contented happy home life should be enjoyed. The Wrights, the Greens, and others interested in education joined in the project looking to this final solution.

As pine lumber at that time was selling at a price rather out of reach of the pioneer purse, native lumber as we recollect, was the material used. The use of this lumber soon after sawing resulted in giving the structure ample ventilation. So visualizing this sort of ventilating system, we note the intake openings ever widened, until a small tot could slip through the cracks and stray away. However this may be, none were ever reported lost. Possibly they were roped in, to be made Secure.

Among the marvels of this project were touches of romance, for the teachers were not immune from the approach of enemies with matrimonial intent. So intent were these seekers that some of the teachers were captured, thus breaking. into the realm of useful endeavor. These young people were just plain country-raised folks whose attainments were of the more strenuous type of activity peculiar to the great outdoor life.

In some way these pioneer conditions have always had an appeal to the writer. for all his life he has been close to this pioneer condition. crude though it be, yet there is a sort of self-satisfaction in having been a part of it, and in having something to do in the resulting development. During the past 51 years we have had actual experience along this line. So our one delight is to view from a distance, the achievements of a generation. Wright Canyon has secured and occupied a niche in this great Memorial Temple of Education.

April 1933